Match column layout and Names

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I need to match the the column layout and names on the ‘Files’ tab match what is in the Errors file attached here. Within the automation, this is the datatable ‘dtFiles’
In order to make the fields match, i need to add logic to extract the date from the raw string. Right now I’m just pulling out the filename and filesize.
Can anyone please suggest how can i do it?Errors .xlsx (647.7 KB)
Main.xaml (45.6 KB)

@Lahiru.Fernando @nadim.warsi
can you please suggest on this.


Go ahead and extract the entire field, and if you need just the date from that field, you can use this:

Supposing row("Date").ToString is your full Date string (e.g. “28-Feb-2019 23:40”), you can get the date with row("Date").ToString.Substring(0, 11).

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