Match column and update after concating to another column

Kindly share your Flow or screenshot.

Is the output was expected?

i need to write in Sheet 2 made # column but its not working

It means you need to update made# in sheet2

Kindly show some screenshots of what you need to output.

yes i need to update in Sheet2 made # column after concatinating values from sheet1
I have just updated 2 rows
Sample.xlsx (10.4 KB)

Hello @Shilpa_Mohanty

I think you can use Vlookup activity in uipath.


Kindly refer to the Xaml file :point_down: (89.8 KB)


Above shown output was expected?

if made field 2 or made field 4 is empty, then we dont have to append only 1 of the field, we have to log a message

From my understandings

  • 1st need to check the Made# values in both sheets.
  • If matched, need to join the values of Made#+Made 2+ Made 4
  • Also check is there are any empty fields in Made2 and made, If anyone has an empty, don’t need to Join the values and generate the log messages .

Is it correct?

Refer to this screenshot, is excepting output?

in both worksheet we have to check if made # values are matcing
if matching- concat from sheet1(only if other 2 fields have values) and update in sheet 2
if either 1 is not matching(made # not matching - log message) & if made field 2/4 is empty- then also log message

Check this one. Verify the process and let me know if there are any changes. (90.0 KB)


i tried doing write to CSV(as they changed the type to .csv)
I read the csv also but while writing, its getting problem
but only 1 sheet remained and other disappeared

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From my knowledge. CSV format doesn’t have sheets. So you should write sheet1 and sheet2 in different 2 file of CSV

no concat is not happening as expected
as at one place its concatinating thrice

Kindly share your flow or screen shot.
also refer the xaml file :point_down:

You can use this query to check value exist in column or not

DataTableName.AsEnumerable().Any(Function(x) x(“ColumnName”).ToString = row(“YourString”).ToString)

Hi @Shilpa_Mohanty ,

If you could help us by providing the Expected Output Data for the Input data provided it would help us to define proper logic and provide you the solution in the earliest.

Sample2.xlsx (13.1 KB)
this excel and same i used your logic

Sample2.xlsx (13.1 KB)
sample input
output -
if badge# match in both sheets, concat badge #- badge field2 + badge field4 from sheet 1and paste in badge # column of sheet 1

Kindly refer to this, it is working for me. (104.1 KB)


@Shilpa_Mohanty ,
Let us confirm on the Output data, Screenshots are provided, Let us know if this is the Requirement :
Sheet 1 : (Taking a very small dataset, one row marked in Yellow)

Sheet 2 :

The Output According to your Statement :

Is the above Output Statement true for your requirement ?

Let us know what is your thoughts on this.