¿Match 1 column of 1 table vs 5 columns in other table and after use 'Left Join' in MySQL?

Pls delete this

Hi @inf_L

Set condition as dttable.rows(“Transaction”). length>25 and dttable.rows(“Transaction”).length<25

Build datatable activity add columns as Transaction Amount note1 note2 note3 note4 note5 add data row activity and check it out


But im trying to do it in MySQL Workbench because my rows can be variable, in one operation can be 25,000 and in others can be 100, if i dtry to do the match with uipath activities can take hours

Hi @inf_L

Use Connect Activity and pass the database connection along with username and password

Inside Connect Activity pass the Execute Query Command

query is

FROM tablenam1 LEFT JOIN tablename2
ON column-name1 = column-name2

ON O.CustomerId = C.Id
ORDER BY TotalAmount
Check the unique column names for both the tables


Ashwin S