Mass update tool for packages in Orchestrator

I was reading this (Project Dependencies Mass Update) and thought it would be a good way to manage updating package versions in existing Processes, but it isn’t. Upgrading them in SVN doesn’t help much, as we’d still need to go through opening, publishing, and change management for each project to get the upgraded version into production.

What needs to exist is a tool to upgrade package versions IN ORCHESTRATOR. Basically a way to say “for every Package that uses UiPath.Excel.Activities v2.7.2, upgrade to v2.9.5” but within Orchestrator, not SVN.

In Mass Update tool you also have the option to publish to Orchestrator. So if you have your projects in SVN all you need to do is to update dependencies and publish the results (bulk) to Orchestrator.

Afterwards you need to set the new version in use from Orchestrator.

Have you tried this and is not good enough?

I didn’t see in the documentation that this is even an option.

This poses another issue. The version that we have in SVN may not be the same as what’s in production, since we could be working on an automation and have checked new code into SVN. So we don’t want that published to Orchestrator.

There really needs to be a tool that directly just updates packages in Orchestrator.