Mass Mailing Workflow

Hello Guys,
Today i’m working on a automation that sends email to multiple email addresses from Gmail. Im trying to do it Storing the Exel doc in a Data Table and looping it with a (For each Row in Data Table) and used a (Send SMTP Mail Message) inside to end the messages, my questions are:
1)What is? and What do i need to write on?:
Host - Port:
Host - Server:
In server is it always “smtp@ and the mail pogram?”

  1. Is this the best way to automate this case? if not, How?

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Luis Fernando Pazos

Im now having this Exception, im sure something is skipping.
set Port: 465 and Server: “

But the error comes before touching that Activity.


I think you are giving correct port and server name for gmail SMTP for SSL protocol.

Before discussing about SMTP shall we resolve the objet reference not to set an instance of object error usually come when we are passing null valu to any of the activity.

In our case we are passing datatable with now rows I guess. Could you pls check with the following expression yourdatatable.rows.count.tostring in one log message activity and see if you are getting data from dt before looping. Thanks.

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Hi @Luis_Fernando

In addition to what mentioned by @kirankumar.mahanthi1, if you have trouble in send email using gmail even after given correct inputs like port and server.

Please following the below instructions in the case gmail.

  1. Go to the Less secure app access section of your Google Account. You might need to sign in.
  2. Turn Allow less secure apps on.

Kindly note that, this setting is not available for accounts with 2-Step Verification enabled. Such accounts require an application-specific password for less secure apps access.

For such a case, you refer the below,

To solve the ‘Object Reference’ issue, kindly follow what @kirankumar.mahanthi1 instructed.

Hope this will be useful. Thank you.