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I am using a Maschine Template to run different processes with different user. I have to use multiple user due to minimise security risks. When the user is runing it is consumine a license, that’s fine but when the process is finished the licence is blocked for this user. the next process should run on the the same template but with an other user. I have to click on deactivate user in the license overview and it will run with the next user.
What do I have to set up that the orchastrator is releasing the user license automatically?

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Hey @robert.becksteiner ,

Can you please check this out? I hope this will help you.

Okay that would be a work around, but not realistic for a live scenario, I would need to know all bots running at which time. I am very confused why orchestrator cannot handle this automatically?!?

I am using one maschine and cannot use different service user for automation?!?

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@shreyash_shirbhate thanks.

@robert.becksteiner I don’t have much experience on the licensing part. But I have some knowledge. Based on that I am providing suggestion below.

As per your statement you did correct setup running the bots by using machine template. I sense the problem due to licensing are we using named user license or multi user license. If you are using named user license you will face issue like this you have to de allocate and assign to some other user. But if you have multi user you can concurrently assign the same license to multiple user so that one user finish the job it will automatically assign to some other user. I hope it might helpful your issue. Thanks.

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Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks in advance for your help.


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