Mark outlook mailMessage as Unread manually after processing an mail item

I am looking for the way to mark MailMessage as Unread after mail has been processed. I know that while Retrying mail using GetOutlookMail, we can set mail as read check box. How ever, we are setting this field to True. But after email validation, if invalid category email, we need to mark this email to Unread and move to different folder.

Hope this could help you

Cheers @kishorebhukya

hello @Palaniyappan, @KarthikByggari

You mean, to make use of Invoke Code activity
with —> mailMessageObject.UnRead = false

I did the same and created 1 argument to pass MailMessage object, but it shows an error, saying, unread is not a member of System.Net.Mail.MailMessage.


@kishorebhukya @samir - Did you get the solution for this? I have tried invoking code and it gives me the same error. My requirement is also same as KishoreBhukya.

Please help. Thanks