Mark mail as unread

For my current process I need to read all new emails (via outlook). Only mails which subject contain a specific mask are processed, all the other mails should stay unread.

By searching the forum it seems impossible to use wildcards in the “filter” option. So I loop over every new email, but by doing this the mail goes to “read”. How do I change this status back to “unread”?


Check it out this topic and see if helps:


Yes, I can see that I can modify all kinds of header. But nowhere I cant seem to find a header property that sets the MailMessage back to unread…

Workaround solution I used:

  • I read the Inbox, leaving all mails unread.
  • I filter out the mails I need, process them and move only those particular ones into another folder
  • I read that new folder, marking messages as read

Good to know that you figured out!