Mark as Read/Move Outlook Mailmessage - Operation failed

Hi there,

I’m getting an Error(Operation failed) when i’m trying to move or mark an email as read. Its supposed to move the email from the inbox of a shared mailbox into a subfolder “Inbox\archive” still in the same Mailbox.
It is weird, because its actually doing all the activities but is still running on error.
The same Mark and Move Process is being used in a diffrent Mailbox and is working fine.
Additionally the error is just occurring in the Assistant on a different server.
Could it be a Outlook/Office issue?

Thanks for your help

Hi @Stefan_Baier

Using shared mailboxes is notoriously issue prone. Check out this post, it may help you

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Agree with Stefan. Especially if using Outlook in O365 this can be an issue. Make sure that the folder “Archive” is a subfolder of the email address and not a subfolder of Inbox and then try - similar to this

Sorry, both advices didn’t help

Thats the error im getting. Its only occuring in running-mode. Just debugging works fine…

The Message means: Operation failed

so the error occurs with only the Mark Outlook as Read/Unread activity. But, does the email still move to the sub-folder? And I am assuming you are doing this activity within a for each loop with the TypeArgument of System.Net.Maii.MailMessage?

Hi @Chris_Bolin Same issue i’m facing when the Mark Outlook As Read/Unread activity within a for each loop with the TypeArgument of System.Net.Mail.MailMessage. Could you please provide solution if you have without changing the existing design?