Mark as Favorite User

Hi ,
Can you provide a new feature in the Community form to mark the user as a Favorite like a list ?


Hi @balupad14

Thanks for your suggestion. There is no default setting to mark a user as Favourite in our Forum platform. Buuuut there is a workaround using an RSS reader. I personally use this RSS Feed Reader Chrome extension:

And if I want to follow your posts for example, I just add this feed and I get a list looking like this:

I hope it helps!

@ovi if i remember well @badita said once that we can ask to Forum SW developers for improvements in other forum.

I will reffer to the other thread :slight_smile:

Yes, I have searched their Forum and there is no option by default. That’s why I offered this workaround.

The Discourse platform is open source and we could create a plugin that does this, but it will take a lot of time.