Mark All As Read Button Not Working

Huge fan of the Mark All As Read button to quickly clear alerts in Orchestrator. However, it appears that this button isn’t working currently, at least not in our particular tenant (it might be working in others). I’m able to mark individual alerts as read and the Mark All As Read button appears to be enabled, but does nothing on click. Can someone take a look under the hood and determine why this feature might not be working in either Chromium Edge or Chrome? Can any other Orchestrator admins confirm whether they’re able to Mark All As Read?

Hi @mark.bullard,
If you are experiencing such issue and this is your on premise Orchestrator then I suggest to contact with your dedicated support. :slight_smile:

Hi @Pablito. We use hosted Orchestrator, not on-prem. I’m happy to put in a ticket, just not sure where to do so.

Do you mean you are using Enterprise Cloud Orchestrator right?

Yes. I will use that language moving forward so as to avoid confusion with other Orchestrator products.

I went ahead and submitted a ticket at the Technical Support link you provided. See case 00621827. Thank you @Pablito.

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It’s right now under investigation. Please let me know if there will be no response in couple days.