Marge cells in DT

Hello Friends!
I have DT in this format:

If country, city and name match up, I need to plus the price and get DT in this format:

Please give me advice how to do it.

@Olek1 Can you send the xaml file where you have used that Build Datatable?

Hello Bro. It is simple xaml.file…I just want to understand how to do it…what activity I need to use to marge rows…

@Olek1 Yes, I know it’s a Simple xaml file, but it would be easier for me to bring up a Solution for that if you provide the xaml :sweat_smile:

@Olek1 The Operation that you want to do is Group By and Sum the The Same Group Values, there is Balareva Activity for that Purpose, or we can use a Linq expression to do it.

Sequence.xaml (6.7 KB)
Then I want to use Write Range activity to write data in this format:

@Olek1 Check this Workflow : (6.7 KB)

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