Mapping two excel and then updating


Sorry for asking so silly/small query.
I have two excel -1 Input Excel and Other master Excel.

Based on the Input Excel Value i need to update Master Excel.
I tried two approach but it didn’t work properly.

Please have a look on both excel
Input Excel

Master Excel

Based on this SP Customer Number i need to update Master File.
Note- Input Excel may contain null value in audited and Non-audited Column


Hi @md.ahtesham,
There is simple way to achieve this

  1. Read the Input file and MasterFile and you Got result as InputdataTable,MasterdataTable
  2. Loop the InputdataTable , and inside loop you can check the MasterdataTable With Customer Id then Update the appropriate Row.

Hi @md.ahtesham - Read both Master and Input Excel, store it DT. Do a For Each Row for Input Excel and inside that do a For Each for Master sheet.

Inside that Master Sheet DT put a if condition - InputDTRow(“SP Customer Number”) = MasterDTRow(“SP Customer Number”), if it matches then use Read Range or Read Cell by “B”(Counter) and “C”(Counter).

Then the same way perform Write Cell by “B”(Counter) and “C”(Counter)

Note:- Counter you need to increase for each row for Index purpose to map the appropriate cell


@AnandKumar26, @prakaz25 ,

Is there any other way, other than Write cell activity.
i don’t want to open Master Excel (huge file already )again and again for writing value.


You do not have to open Excel. That will do in the back end only


i tried your approach to update the Excel File but i am not getting correct result.
It is updating file but result is coming very very wired.
Please have a look on my .xaml file and suggest me where i am doing wrong.

UpdateAnnualLimitFile.xaml (34.4 KB)


Hi @md.ahtesham - Share me a sample excel please. Will get it done.


InputExcel.xlsx (8.6 KB) Hi @md.ahtesham - Please see the attached sample

UpdateAnnualLimitFile.xaml (46.6 KB)

MasterExcel.xlsx (8.6 KB)


Thanks for your help, got to learn new thing today…


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Hi @md.ahtesham - Is that working fine as you expected?