Map Folder dynamically using Config File

I am downloading the Zip file from a website for multiple clients, then extracting it to a Folder.
Extracted Files should go to their corresponding Clients Folder from Extracted Files Folder.
I am doing this process using hard code manner, but I want to map Clients folder dynamically using Config file
so that in future we can add new Clients in Config files instead of creating whole structure again.
So, my question is how do I map extracted files to their corresponding Folder using Config file(Dynamically)?

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So you have to create a config matrix,

You need to identify the columns you need. I.e. Client name / client folder path / filename etc.

Then when you download the file for client A, you take the value in client folder path to save it to that location etc.

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@TimK Thank you for your response Tim, Could you please provide me a sample file if it is possible for you?