Many IFS, what is the best practice


I get an variable from a file. If the variable = x, then I have to click on one thing, if = y then in different. I have 16 such conditions.

I tried with switch but i cant figure out how to do this.

Any advice?

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It might be able to achieve by single Click Activity with dynamic selector, but it depends on your requirement and/or environment. Can you find any rule between your variable and selector of click activity?


@Marek_Matuszak, Yes a switch is what you need

What challenges specifically did you have with the switch?

I know what should be in activity and I dont know how to write:

if ServiceID = “imps-c:p01” then click on something
if ServiceID = “imps-c:p02” then on something else

You can use single click activity based on input.

<html app='chrome.exe' title='test' />
<webctrl tag='INPUT' cls='inputArgument' />

here inputArgument will be your selection criteria.


If you are using switch activity

Create case and add activity in front of it.
If case is imps-c:p01 click this
If case is imps-c:p02 click that.

You can add activity for each case


I started doing the second solution. I have one more question. What should be in default in switch activity?

Yo can leave default as blank or can use a write line/ logs to understand in which scenario bot will come to default case.
Hope this will help you.

Thanks a lot <3

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