Manual vs. using activities for copy and paster


I am selecting data from Project using Desktop recording and using click “paste button” to paste in Excel. However I notice that I am losing data after “&” if the text has “&”.

But if I do the same manually copy and paste, I see all the data even after “&”.

How can I fix this?

Thanks a lot,

Hi @A_Learner ,

Would you be so kind as to explain a bit more on this project that you are copying data from?

Is it another excel file or is it an application?
Are you able to extract all data from the project or not?

More information on the subject would put us in a much better position to assist you.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

HI @A_Learner

If possible share the sample input file.

Can you elaborate little bit? Based on understanding

You need to copy the data and paste the data

You can try with Send Hotkey activity


Instead of this you can try with write cell activity if it is for specific cell

Which means do the desktop recording till the spot where you will be writing the value to excel cell
Then exit from the recording and do a manual intervention by searching for excel activities in activity panel and include write cell activity or if it is a range air value then include write range activity
This will not neglect that & or any other symbols

Give a try and let us know for any further queries

Cheers @A_Learner