Manual Select Item with Scroll Bar


I am automating a WinForms Application and have run into a few issues. I believe what I have now has covered off most possible scenarios but I have a scenario I am unsure how to solve.

The background:

The Select Item activity does not work on the application.

  1. Type Into does not work either. Each key stroke jumps to a new select item (for example using 2. Type Into to write “Sh” will jump to the first select item starting with the letter ‘S’, then the first one beginning with the letter ‘H’. It will not jump to the first item beginning with “SH”.
  2. I can only click a Select Item that is visible on the screen.

So my solution at the moment is to send the first letter of the select item using Type Into. Then click the drop down arrow. Then click the item I am looking for. All works well - unless there are more items beginning with the letter I have typed than can fit on the screen. I will then need to scroll.

What is the best way to scroll through a Select List’s Items until the Item you need is visible on the screen?

Thanks in advance!