Manual intervention is being asked in the process


Here is the scenario:
There is a job portal. I search through it and get search results. Then I click on the name of the candidate and download its data. The XPath of name is same for all the candidates, therefore, I am using “idx”. It works fine.

Now the issue is that it clicks and downloads first candidate data and then stopped at second. So, I have to click on the second candidate manually. after this it automatically downloads further candidate data with no manual intervention required.

Everything seems to be correct but just manual intervention is required. How to handle this and make the complete system automatic.

It’s probably not finding the selector for 2nd item. Don’t do the manual click, wait for the error message thrown and check if it is a selector issue.


It does not throw any error for this element.
However, it shows error for next step.

And to stop manual intervention, i tried putting a pop up after first download with yes and no button. On the tap of yes, it clicked and downloaded the data for second element. but now it got stuck on third.

Strange…Can you upload your workflow?

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Main.xaml (81.1 KB)