Manual Execution of a process is fine but nothing happens when it is triggered in schedules

I have just completed video training for Studio and Orchestrator and I have done below:

  1. Successfully created a package from a workflow.
  2. Configured Ochestrator, Provisioned robot and its status is available.
  3. In ochestrator I have provisioned Machine, envirnment, robot, process and all of them show status as normal and connected.
  4. I tested and my robot/process can be executed as expected and gives intended results from (a) studio itself, (b), from robot in system tray, © from “Jobs” option in orchestrator
    but when same process is scheduled for auto execution in “SCHEDULES” on orchestrator nothing happens. I set the execution to every minute and I can see it says “in few seconds” and then it changes to “a few seconds ago” but nothing happens and process is not getting executed. No errors thrown…

I have tried everything, searched forum, googled, configured everything from scratch but no luck. I am using community edition for studio and created a tenant on “” for ochestrator. Please suggest any sloutions…


This is a known issue. Everyone is facing this issue from last few days and UIpath people are working on this. I request you to wait till Sunday and then check.

don’t worry, not your problem, it’s Orchestrator problem.

Thanks a lot…
But its really disappointing that such a big company could not fix such a basic thing for so many days… Is this issue only with community edition…??

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I’m facing the same issue…is this sorted ? is it working fine for you now?

Yup, its working for me now from many days.