Manual Evaluation

Can someone explain to me what the below explanation means. I received a response from support but do not unstand clearly.

The assessment score shows 0/100 indicates that the steps and the instructions were not followed correctly.As we do not do manual evaluation, i am not aware of the exact reason for its failure.
You need to solve it again in ACME and re-upload. Note: Use same Academy email id for the ACME login.

This means that support does not know the exact reason for the failure.

However, I can provide a few suggestions for your next attempt.

1.) Follow the walkthrough moreso than the PDD. The automatic grading system looks for your workflows to be designed as outlined in the walkthrough. So if you have a creative solution that still works despite what the walkthrough says, it will still give you a 0/100.

2.) Reset the ACME test data each time you test your data. It’s important that your workflow works regardless of what test data is thrown at you, and that it works when the test data is complete or if it’s refreshed.

Thanks for your advice

Solomon Scholz