Manipulation of excel

Hi i have 2 different types of excel but there is a column that i want to add in particular
column how to achieve this and also the data that i want to add in want to mention in another column as Not found
so what i want to do is in excel 1 i want to add the data of excel 2 under source traxn number i want the excel2 column 1 and under process status of excel1 all data that will be added should update as not found
excel1.xlsx (8.3 KB)
excel2.xlsx (7.2 KB)

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Hello @manoj_verma1 ,

Here We can adopt different methods, what you can do is , use a Read range on Second Excel and Get the Data to the “DataTable” Variable. Then "Use Excel: activity for First Excel and Use “Write Cell” Activity.

Use a “For Each Row In DataTable” and Write the Values of "CurrentRow(0) to “Column A” in Excel1 and ColumnC as “Not Found”.

Hey @manoj_verma1

I think Joining data tables may be a good option here.