Manipulation Datatable filtering and adding column data

Hey All,
I have a datatable like this one.
ID Type Number Address City Country CreditNumber
1 M 0022 Manchester London England
2 S 33 ---- — — 0220202
3 S 44 ---- — — 0330303

I want to retrieve only rows with Type = S and add the data of specific columns from type(M) (Number, address,city,country)
Output datatable will be :
ID Type Number Address City Country CreditNumber
2 S 002233 Manchester London England 0220202
3 S 002244 Manchester London England 0330303

also the number will be added before the existing data like the output example.
using linq query or any approach, anyone could help me ?

instead of a LINQ

  • a filling up the S rows from closest info of parent m
  • and a filtering on s afterwards

could solve the case

how to add this data

find starter help here:
FillUp_BlockBlanks.xaml (8.7 KB)

Hi, I have tried in a way and it seems to be working fine according to your requirement.

First I have taken information about M and the added those with the existing info for the S Type rows.
Finally the output DataTable is populated with the S Type rows only.

I hope it fulfils your need.