Manipulating temporary excel

I have an application that opens a temporary template based excel workbook for data entry. Is there a way to enter data into the Excel w/o trying to first save it ?

Yah excel application scope with file path
And inside that scope use WRITE CELL ACTIVITY
For specific cell data entry
Or if you have a large set of datarow In a datatable
We can use WRITE RANGE or APPEND RANGE activity with datatable as input

Cheers @ajitbhatt

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Hello @ajitbhatt

From what I understood, you want to enter the data without saving it correct?

If that’s the case, use excel application scope to open the file. In this activity, you will see an auto save property which is enabled by default. Remove the tick there so that it will not be saved unless you use the save workbook activity at the point saving is required.


i cannot use excel scope as the file is not saved to disk yet and I cannot save the file to disk as it has macros and plugins required for uploading data back to the server.

@ajitbhatt The file has to be somewhere otherwise how will it ever be accessed by the robot? If it is on a network file server, the robot can simply open it from the network path. I would not recommend using a mapped drive if you go this route and instead use the UNC path (e.g. instead of Z:\documents you should use \Your\NetworkDrive\documents)

I was able to handle the excel as a regular windows application and not use the excel scope. We managed with hotkeys to navigate around.