Manipulate Multiple Excel Sheets


We have an excel file with two sheets(sheet 1 and sheet 2).
We want to achieve the following;

Condition 1: Check if ALL “CardID” in sheet 1 are also in sheet 2, else remove sheet 2 rows that fail.
Condition 2: Check if ALL “CardID” in sheet 2 are also in sheet 1, else remove sheet 1 rows that fail.
Condition 3: Remove all rows from sheet 1 and sheet 2 where “Source” does not equal ‘Car’ or ‘Motorcycle’
Condition 4: Remove all rows from sheet 1 where its “Amount” is greater than the absolute value of “Full Amount” (in sheet 2)

At the end, we should have a sheet that looks like what is in sheet 3

We could not attach the excel sheet( as new users), but the excel file can be accessed through the hyperlink below;

Hi @joesir,

Have you achieved the solutions.