"Managing Large Deployments" question

Within UiPath documentation, there is a page called “Managing Large Deployments” which is about exactly what its title says. It also has a video that, while informative, does leave me with at least one very important (and probably easy to answer) question: In the example of adding John Doe into the system, the narrator claims that his robot is not ready right after he’s added into Active Directory. However, after running an example process, the narrator then says that his robot has then been automatically provisioned in Orchestrator. Is this assumed to be the result of the automation itself? Or is the robot provisioned upon John logging in to the machine with his credentials? Or maybe it’s some other third thing? I’m doing research for my job at the moment, and understanding this topic is important.

A link to the page in question can be found here.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @M.Liner

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The video you mentioned actually seems to have the answer, at 6:06. John can simply log in into any machine that is defined in Orchestrator using his AD credentials and all the provisioning will happen in the background.