Managing Jobs

Hi everyone,

I have a doubt which need to be solved.

I have a process which only can be executed when the Process Owner send a mail.

The way I have thought to manage this is to creating a new process (CheckMail), scheduled every 5 minutes, checking the inbox mail and, in case the mail is received, an Start Job activity will launch the “real” process.

Ok, the problem is that, when the “real” process have been executed, the “CheckMail” process is still launched every five minutes. Obviously, it’s not going to start the job again, because the mail has been read before, but the problem is that these executions, are going to create a large list of Jobs executed in the Orchestrator …

Any idea of ​​how to solve this? I mean, to stop the “CheckMail” process after the real process has been executed.

The only idea that I have is “disabling” of schedule after the “real process” execution, only for the current day. But not sure how to deal with it inside UiPath.

Thank you!