Managing Accumulated UiPath Package Versions: Orchestrator vs. Manual Cleanup for Windows Users/Servers

Currently, in my productive tenant, multiple processes are running. Over time, each package version has accumulated on the Windows users where the package is executed (view attached image). This has resulted in multiple copies of packages occupying server memory space. I would like to know if there is a way to perform local version maintenance through UiPath Orchestrator, or if the only option is to manually clean up unnecessary versions on the Windows User/Servers pairs

There is a way to change where the packages are stored/accessed, so there is a common folder on the server instead of one for each user.

Also FYI Orchestrator has nothing to do with it. The Robot process on the servers downloads the packages and installs them locally.

There is no such feature in Orchestrator.

You can delete periodically the packages folder from the robot machine. At the next run, if there are no network issues, the robot will try to reinstall only the necessary processes and the library dependencies.

Or you can build an automation/code that will do this:

  • Will check which are the robots in all Orchestrator folders
  • Will check witch are the active and inactive processes
  • Based on those details, you can run a script in robot %userprofiles%\.nuget\packages to delete the inactive processes version (basically you will delete some subfolders in your processes folders)

Note: it will be tricky to find the not needed dependency/library based of your not used libraries.