Manage Packages offline

The official and feeds are not populating in the package manager, I’m unable to repair any packages. Possible as the net access is restricted on this secured system.
I copied and used some of the packages from one other system but activities like UiPath.Database.Activities and UiPath.Credentials.Activities are not present in ProgramFiles/UiPath/Packages folder.
Can anyone suggest some workaround/solution of this issue.
Also, Is the issue caused due to restricted access as I suspect?

kindly check whether those two feeds are enabled in the settings of PACKAGE MANAGER
Cheers @shubham.tyagi01

They are enabled

Before, when I don’t have internet access, just for workaround, I copied the actual packages files from my dev pc’s .nuget folder to the other. Maybe it’ll work for you too.



then we can search for these package in official tab and install them
were we facing any issue in that
or am i wrong with the question
kindly correct me if i m

Cheers @shubham.tyagi01

I have no feed in official or community tabs due to no internet access.

Yes thanks, I got some packages from ProgramFiles>UIPath>Studio>Packages and remaining from Users> .nuget>Packages.But later path have all of them So in case of offline development we can migrate all packages from it on a online machine.

Thanks @marci080 and @Palaniyappan for helping.

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