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I just need one confirmation, While we are installing any packages from Manage package (Example uipath.database.activities) for any particular process. And if i create a new process why that database package does not reflect in the new process, I have to go and download the Uipath.database.activities again.

Asking this question in my organization we do have restrictions on downloading. So again and again, when we try to download any new package it does not allow as because of restrictions.

Just need an explanation why this happens so that i can explain this to management for granting the access.

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Rahul Jawahirani


Let’s go one by one

Each process will Have its own project dependencies
That’s why if you install a package in a project it will not reflect on a new project
But still if you have installed a package in project in a machine you can find that package in this folder structure

Still It won’t reflect on other process

And if we want a package to be installed it has to be done on separate projects wherever needed

All the projects will have some default packages like system activities, UIAutomation activities
They will be available in all projects

But other packages has to be installed individually

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Hi @Palaniyappan,

Thanks for the quick response and explanation.

It will help a lot


Rahul Jawahirani

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Glad to @Rahul_Jawahirani

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