Manage Packages does not refresh

I have two programmed versions activities

Activity 1.0.1 (this has 3 clasess)
Activity 1.0.2 (this has 7 classes)

I installed The version 1.0.1 succesfully, but at the installation moment of
the version 1.0.2 this doesn’t show the four new activities.

I have reviewed the generated DLL y do contains the 7 classes.
I have deleted the file “project.json”.
I have deleted the temporary folder that Uipath creates automatically
…but the problem persists
Studio UiPath is not updating properly the activities

Someone knows how to solve this problem?Uipath_Version


Did you click “save” on the package wizzard after you updated it?


Yes, right. A few days ago I solved the same problem creating a new activity and installing again.

It is as if it had been cached somewhere and these activities were not updated.

You tagged your post with 18.3 so I assume you are using this version?
Once you have made the update, did you start to restart studio?
That was required for earliest versions, that should not be the case anymore in 18.3

Could you post screenshots too, that could help resolving the issue.


Look at the following pictures : PC1 and PC2

As you can see: in the first image only appears three activities and in the second one
appears all the activities , i.e eight activities ,but in btoh cases have the same version of package …
so this seems very strange …

As you said, that seems a very strange issue with me.
Would it be possible that you have another 1.0.3 version present in another activity feed?

@mircea I assume that this is a little tricky to troubleshoot as-is but maybe you got a similar issue on QA?


Hi @rwcalle

Could you try clearing the packages from these folders? It might be that some got corrupted:



Hi @rwcalle

Is your issue resolved with any solution from this thread? :slight_smile:

Perfect. This is the solution.
Clear the corrupted packages on:


Thank you.


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