Manage DataGrid with multiple rows and enable/disable submit button in form designer

Hello Experts!
I have designed the form interface reported in figure, with a datagrid with different rows and a submit button (“Avvia Robot”). Each row has the different textboxes to be compiled and a checbox associated.

However, I have faced an issue that I have not still resolved: indeed, I would like to add an advanced logic condition to enable or disable the button “Avvia robot” only when all the fields of at least one row have been compiled properly. The main problem concerns of writing the condition in the javascript code using as reference a certain row index of the datagrid and also how to refer to the total number of rows (which are variable) with a correct syntax.
If it could be useful, these are the field keys for each element of the form (element–>field key):

  • Datagrid–>dataGrid
  • Check box–> checkbox
  • ID Email column–>IDEmail
  • Da column–>From
  • Data Ricezione column–>ReceivingDate
  • Oggetto column–>oggetto
  • Link column–>link
  • Tipologia Documento column–>tipologiaDocumento
  • Partita IVA column–>partitaIva
  • Codice Fiscale column–>codiceFiscale
  • Avvia Robot button–>submit

Please let me know if you have any kind of solutions. Thanks

Hey @Simone_Mantica

Is it possible to share you code file here pls ?


Hello Nithin,

You can find attached a fac-simile of my code, with all the logics implemented, since I cannot report the original one.



Main.xaml (16.4 KB)

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