Manage a cluster of servers with buried list items

I have a Scale HC3 cluster of servers which I would like a bot to check some status before we arrive at work each day.

I have managed all the tasks regarding the cluster itself. My issue is when I wish to check on the VMs running on this cluster.

The VMS appear in a div called vms as a unsorted list item with a ul id of vmList.
Iside the vmList are various Groups of VMs. I would like to only check the li id = “Production” or li id = “PreProd”.

Inside this there is < u l class = "_groupVMs l-vms groupVMs " >
Each Li class inside this list represents one of the virtual machines.

Each list item for the in vmList is a virtual machine we wish to manage.
Inside the VM is a li which contains a date I would like to check.
< l i class = “_noFilter latest” >
< time class = " l-remoteSnapLatest " data-type=“unixtime” data-sort=“1685404868”>05/30/2023 1:01 AM< / time >
< /l i >

I believe, If I can get to this property I can get any other property of the server.

Anyone have an idea how to reference these buried list items?


Did you tey using find children activity

You can give a main div and all the children of it can be retrieved and then can be filtered as needed


I solved this using the For each UI Element activity.
Thanks though.

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