Malformed URL Exception in UiPath Git URL

How to Solve Malformed URL Exception in while trying to commit data to GitHub or Other Online Git Repository?


Issue Overview

When cloning or pushing a git repo, the following error is encountered:


GIT: UiPath.Studio.Contracts.RecoverableException: Unable to clone from the given repository. Please make sure that the remote is available and try again. --->  LibGit2Sharp.InvalidSpecificationException: malformed URL




Root Cause

This happens due to a bug in UiPath. The current github integration does not handle spaces in the URL Repo path properly. If the spaces are in the Repo name, then this is not a bug. GitHub does not allow spaces in the Repo name.


Diagnosing the Issue

The problem can be verified by trying to perform the same operation using GitBash.



As a workaround, if possible, try and make a project path that does not contain spaces. If this is not possible it is recommend that the Github command line tools are used to manage the repo (like GitBash), rather than UiPath.

GitBash can be downloaded here: