Making admin of one folder only in Orchestrator

Hi All,

We’ve a single orchestrator where in we have folders Default,Shared,UAT

Default is the production folder where production processes would be hosted and production BOT would be running on those.

UAT is the folder where test processes and test BOT would be running.

Question is can I make a person admin to UAT folder and normal permissions to Default folder?
If so can anyone help of this.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Yeswanth_Ganjam

That might be possible through groups.
You could proceed like that.

  1. Create a group in admin panel. Admin->Accounts&Groups->Groups
  2. Add that person to the group
  3. Create role with admin rights. Orchestrator->Tenant->Manage Access->Roles->Add Folder Role
  4. Create Group basing on the group created in point 1 and add the role created in group 3. Orchestrator->Tenant->Manage Access->Assign Roles->Group
  5. Assign newly created group to the folder. Orchestrator->Tenant->Folders->UAT->Assign Account/Group.

This way, the group including any person with it will be granted admin rights only to the UAT folder.