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Hi all, I have a user registration database where new users are updated. Each user id has a button inline.How do I make the click button dynamic so that whenever a new user registers it can be able to click on the new users button not only a particular user

Check the selectors for two buttons, may be there will be a value which is dynamic , I mean for the first button, it will be 1 and for second, it will be two. SO you can auto increment that particular value and replace the selector. SO it will be dynamic @stanstilo

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Can you please share screenshots so that, it becomes more clear to understand?

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Try two click events and click on first and second buttons and post the selectors :slight_smile:

<webctrl parentid='‘el1_Subscribers_edit’ tag=‘SPAN’ />

<webctrl parentid='‘el2_Subscribers_edit’ tag=‘SPAN’ />

Initialize a variable as count , declare a variable of type string and store this value as
<webctrl parentid=’‘el" + count.tostring+ "_Subscribers_edit’ tag=‘SPAN’ />

Place this in the selectors. It will loop through all the buttons and pass the value in count variable for which button you need to click @stanstilo

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I got Invalid selector exception

It should be like this

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