Make workflow editable after opening read only

Is it possible to add a button (similar to microsoft office documents) where a workflow opened in read-only mode can be made editable? As far as I can tell, right now you have to close and re-open the workflow in order to make it editable. This is a bit of a pain and adding this button would be a nice quality of life improvement.

My projects are connected via SVN and it usually asks if I’d like to check out the file when opening. Sometimes I click the wrong button and open read-only. Fixing it requires completely closing and re-opening the file. This issue also occurs when an error is thrown and the workflow containing the error opens in read-only mode without letting me choose to make it editable.

Usually, you can right click the workflow from the Project pane, and choose Check Out. Atleast, that’s how I do it when working with our TFS source control.

I didn’t know this button exists for Office. Usually, you can choose to let you know when the user is out of the file though. - Learn something every day, lol


You’re right! You can right click and choose check out. So simple, had no idea that was possible - thanks!

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