Make sure that the image is being clicked all the time


I am using the Click Image activity to click some elements in a web page, but when the opened browser’s window is small or when the page where the element is located takes time to load, the click doesn’t work since he can’t find the image.

Do you have a way to make the click 100% accurate and make sure the image is being clicked all time ?


100% and Image do not work well together but you can prevent issue by for example maximizing the windows.
change the default timeout of 30 sec to click image to something bigger if necessary.

Also setting the WaitForReady attribute to of the UiElement you deal with to completed rather interactive might help in some cases.

Last thing, consider if you really have to use click image, could not you do the same action having a selector for your element?

Also could you tell use what kind of application you are trying to automate? web ? desktop? Citrix?