Make Studio available in Winget / Package Managers


I was wondering, why UiPath Applications (especially Studio) are not availabe in package managers, such as Winget or Chocolatey? We’re using Winget package manager to automate installing software on devices. You can automate this on other ways, I am fully aware of that. However installing all software through a package manager to make sure it’s the same version or really the newest version available is just so easy.

Any chance we get to have UiPath Apps in Winget anytime soon?

Hi @iamNairda,
I will take a closer look at these. I can’t promise anything at the moment but for sure we will do research on this.
Could you tell me, are you using Winget privately as well?

Thanks for the fast reply @Pablito, always amazed how well these forum work @ UiPath! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I use it privately and at work (winget). I love winget for it’s simplictiy and you can run it in powershell (or cmd), which is preinstalled in Windows. Winget has it’s flaws, but so do other package managers.

The nice thing about winget is, that any compatible application can also be updated with one line (“winget upgrade --all”, similar to linux) and this takes away the hassle of updating every application.

As a fan of Linux, I can see potential in a tool like this. However, I must admit that there are not a lot of “us” CLI-passionates. On the other hand, I see a potential for this for the package distribution in bigger environments where you can install all of the needed software through GPO or PowerShell scripts. I will make sure that this topic will reach the right people.

Btw. What do you think about Microsoft Store?

Thanks alot @Pablito, much appreciated.

Yeah, I’m a big fan of Linux, Open Source, Docker, etc. in general. I agree and I totally understand not being passionate about CLI. However automating CLI can really be a big benefit in automation as well - just to get the most out of it.

We use PowerShell (as example) to generate QR-Codes, which are fed with input arguments through UiPath using the Invoke PowerShell activity. We also use PowerShell to close specific Explorer Windows (closing explorer.exe gives you a black task bar, since task bar is also explorer.exe), also you won’t close other explorer windows someone might actually be working on/in.

I have mixed feelings about the Microsoft Store. To be honest I have a lot of mixed feelings about a lot of stuff that’s currently happening at Microsoft (enforcement of Edge). I mainly use the Microsoft Store to manually install winget and after that I don’t touch it again.

Do you like the Microsoft Store at all?

I really like your PowerShell examples!
Regarding the MS Store. I am rather neutral, but since it can be configured to deliver only a selected software in companies (via GPO) it is also a possible way to let users install apps that are “whitelisted” by companies. Additionally, it’s more user-friendly.

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If you want me to provide them I’ll gladly share them. We’re currently also looking into the marketplace to offer custom activities, including those scripts.

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