Make Start Process wait until the end of the command in cmd

Hi guys

I’m using the Start Process Activity to run some commands in cmd. It’s working only for fast commands, but I don’t know how to make the Start Process wait until the command finish. Example: I need to run a R script to generate some .txt files and this script takes about 45 seconds. Using the Start Process I can execute the command, but it close before the command finish. Can someone help me?

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This is probably just a workaround, but you could look at the “Wait Element Vanish” activity assuming it opens a cmd window. Or maybe you can output a log which UiPath can wait til it says it ended.


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Hello @Wellerson,

If you need to run a R script to generate some .txt files, maybe you could use FileChangeTrigger activity to determine when the command finishes. (I’ve used it before for this purpose :smiley:)


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Other options is using Powershell Wait-Process cmdlet