Make Logic for calendar bot perfome days

Hi Team,

I have Requirement where we have to fill exchange rate in advance days.

So, the requirement is that I first give you the happy path scenario . I need to book the exchange rate two days in advance. For example, if today is Monday, I need to book for **Wednesday date **,
if today is Tuesday, I need to book for Thursday date. Please see the attached file for further information. However below but suppose if today is Thursday we need to book, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday as well. we need date on that days

This is for happypath attachment below:

There are two situations for weekday holidays. I have included an excel with the holiday information.
weekholdays.xlsx (11.1 KB)

So the requirement is this basically suppose today is Monday, and we know next Monday is a holiday, so as per our understanding on Thursday we fill for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, and we know Monday is off, so we have to fill Tuesday as well it means on Thursday we have to fill sat sun Monday Tuesday because Monday is off i also attached a ss for your reference:

same as if we have holiday on Thursday:

basically if we there is any holiday between, so we have to fill that date to also fill next day in its.

can any one make logic xaml and these screen shot for your understanding purpose only you can create logic use of holiday list excel file