Make exported excel's columns wrap text


When I export a datatable to an excel file, the columns don’t wrap their text. Is there a way to make them columns wrap their text ?

Sounds like you need to access the properties of the column; I’m not sure that’s possible internally (even though it should!)

You can, however, open the Excel file with either Excel Scope, Open Application (filename as argument), or Start Process (filename as argument) and change the settings of the file. Then, select the column with “Input Into” Address Bar and Ctrl+SPACE hotkey. To Wrap Text use either Click activity on the button or Alt,H,W keystrokes.

You can also just have a preformatted template file to copy and write the datatable to.

You can also use a .vbscript or vba macro excel file that does the formatting.


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Alternatively you can write a macro which is stored in a personal work book, and trigger the macro from the workfow.

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