Make Excel based process faster

Hi all,

I have a process that he heavily use Excel application scope,it take a lot of time to finish (around 2 hours). In order to make faster I have 2 ideas:
1. Make a global Excel application scope and disable autosave.
2. Run Excel application scope in the background (Uncheck Visible)

Wich approach should I choose and why?

Also workbook activities break the process.


It is hard to advise without knowing what you are doing in your project, but the least you open, save, close your excel file, the better, if you can Read Range, close excel, do everything with your DataTable and only in the end do a Write Range, than it will be faster.

Here is an overview of what I do, I have a loop that go over multiple files (Main Files), so in order on Main file, i need to read, filter, format data from multiple xlsx and csv(Secondary Files). And yes I do use DataTable.
A quick note: During the loop, I open and close the Main file multiple times.