Make decision based on a UI element - Value of type Boolean cannot be converted to Uipath.core.uielement

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I want to make a decision based on a UI element in a web browser. So basically in chrome, when I log in to an internal timesheet website it takes a considerable amount of time says 30 to 1 minute. When I try to log in manually it works fine. But when trying to log in using UI path it sometimes displays only white screen in the entire browser.

When it loads successfully I want to click on a button “Project”

The workflow is like,
a) If the element “Project” is found, click the project and continue with the timesheet flow.
b) If not found, close the browser and try open browser and continue login process and click “Project”

I so far used find element/if element exists/on element appear but these activities create UiElement. Based on the UiElement I can’t make a decision flow. Kindly help where am I missing.

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Hi @Arun_Singh, how are you?

The output variable type is already configured? Can you send a screenshot of your condition flow property?

I am seeing some exclamations mark in your project.

~Diego Turati


The output of On Element Appear activity is UI Element. This field supports only UiElement variables. But you are trying to assign Boolean value. So it is throwing error.

use Element Exists activity and output is Boolean result. If it is true then click the project and follow next steps else close the browser and re login process.



Follow the example as @lakshman mentioned.

~Diego Turati


Element exists, interactive as the wait for property and give the time out as 60000.
This will return you a boolean value.
it will wait for 1 minute for element to appear if appears early it will continue the process since wait for property is interactive else wait for 1 minute and give boolean as false.

let us know if this helps,
Pavan H

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