Make Cells bold and add borders

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I have a certain concern in which I want to make the data in cells bold and add borders to it. Is that possible without extra packages and without click activities? I would be grateful for every sort of help.

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have a look on following activities:

provided by:

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@ppr Is it possible without the BalaReva package?

a vba / macro approach could be checked as an alternate

@ppr Do you know how to do it? Iā€™m new to Uipath and never worked with vba/macro :sweat_smile:

i just answered RandomGuys Question.
On first stage I would suggest to have a look on the balarevas activities

@ppr Well I am not allowed to use the BalaReva package in my workplace :confused:

For bold:
give a try on

  • select range activity
  • send short cut(s)

As the short cuts are local depended just consult the hover text

depending on the border type maybe ashort cut is also available

as an alternate to this:
send a short cut series starting ALT
as this is also local depended just go to excel send alt and explore the visual helpers for finding the next keys to pres for the the entire series

so the serie would be in this local case
ALT + R + H + H + your borderCode

just give a liitle delay between sending the different short cuts as sometimes the bot is too fast and excel will not recognized the speed


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