Make bot click on itens on a list

I have a list with several items, I need to make the bot enter each item to copy the information inside, how do I understand that it needs to enter the item below until it reaches the end of the list?

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Could you please elaborate on your requirement, like where is this list present is it in a webpage or in excel etc?

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Your question is not very much clear. But from what is available I can give you an idea…

So you must be having a list of values which you try to enter. This list could be an array or a list variable I suppose?

Use a for each activity to loop through the list of items. Inside the for each loop use the loop variable “item” to access the value of the current iteration. You can use this to add the data in the place you want.

If you have a datatable, use a for each row activity to loop through the datatable. Then use the row variable to access the value in the current row along with the column name

Let me know if this is not the requirement?

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If your target is a List in web page then try to find the INDEX in UIExploer for this item and dynamic it in the SELECTOR.

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