Make automatic detection of TypeArgument in ForEach optional

…or revert the whole thing for Studio. You can give it to the business users in StudioX, but we hate to lose control over the TypeArgument and are rolling back on System.Activities packages so we don’t have to deal with this non-sense.

The “feature” was introduced in UiPath Community 2022.4 Stable Release - Studio

Take a look at these threads:

Even MVPs recommend downgrading the System.Activities package.

@loginerror - may I get some info if this is on your radar?

Thanks and best regards

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It is @lukasziebold. We will definitely address this soon.

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Can I make a suggestion that with alot of these new stuff you try out, that you typically make it something that can be ‘overidden’ or reverted? I realise that can mean dragging along some legacy stuff (like having classic activities still be a thing even though Modern Design in the intended way to use Ui Automation now) but I think its better at least at the beginning to allow bugs and issues to not be chronic.

Certain things I think just make sense to be optional. Like the If layout being vertical or horizontal. In the For Each I think it always makes sense to let the user override the suggested data type, even better, an option on the activity to allow it to automatically infer data types or not so I can turn off it trying to if I don’t want that.
Just give us choice, we’ll know how to use it :slight_smile:


Just to close the loop on this topic. System 2023.10 package brings it back. It will still auto detect, but one can override the detection when needed.

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