Make a action inside a browser window

Hello, sry for this dumb question. I am very New to rpa and uipath. Find it very interesting. I am trying to perform this action . Have managed to open the url inside a browser, but now i want to perform this action inside the browser. Open the icon in right corner ( it will bring up a chatbox) then Write a Message to them. How can i perform this sequence ? Thanks in advance

Buddy @langsem
you can perform any actions once after opening the browser either within the open browser activity itself or you can use attach browser activity buddy @langsem

when trying to use the click command, nothing happens. Do i have to perform some sort of code ?

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buddy @langsem

make sure the click activity is within the open browser activity and enable the following properties like simulate click. This will work for sure buddy

Were you able to make a click now buddy @langsem

Step 1. Use Click under activities then indicate the element that’s on the bottom right side.
Step 2. Use Type Into under activities then just write the message that you want to type into that box just remember to put your message inside quotation marks. For Example : ("Write your message here. ")
All of this should be in sequence under your open browser container.

Yes thanks!

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