Major issues with Selectors

What we have is the same selector being built in the same success factors environment. However in some cases the ‘aaname’ property contains an additional dash. The issue here is that the aaname is basically the only stable piece of the selector. Most of the other options contain dynamic id’s which change every time the page is loaded.

We got assurance from the Success Factors team that they didn’t make any changes. This occurred overnight in a working bot which had been running for 2 weeks in production, and is now occuring in a bot we are trying to get through UAT. There doesn’t seem to be any relation to when it occurs. The selectors look the same in UiPath, but the additional dash occurs after copying the selector into a notepad. Trying to figure out a solution for this as our UAT environment is getting the dashes and all dev systems are not. We can’t find any environment differences and this also occured in one of our dev systems for a brief time.

Example working selector

Working Selector
<html app='chrome.exe' title='SuccessFactors: People Profile' />
<webctrl tag='BDI' aaname='Position' />
<nav up='4' />
<webctrl tag='INPUT' type='text' />

Broken Selector
<html app='chrome.exe' title='SuccessFactors: People Profile' />
<webctrl tag='BDI' aaname='Posi-tion' />
<nav up='4' />
<webctrl tag='INPUT' type='text' />

Both selectors look identical in UiPath, the dash does not exist in UiPath or UiExplorer. It is only when you copy it to notepad that it shows.


Replace the additional dash character to asterisk (*) as wildcard.

Reference: Selectors with Wildcards

Adding a wildcard is not a viable solution, as we don’t know when and where it will occur. We have over 100 selectors to maintain for this one project.

I’m not sure if you can add asterisk for each character on aaname value.

You can try checking the fuzzy selector capability too.