Maintenance costs - RPA / Python etc

Hello everyone,

Hopefully I´m asking this in the right category.

I´ve been searching for any kind of study or article about the maintenance cost difference between bots built within RPA platforms (most specifically UiPath - which I consider the best one) and other programming platforms such as Python.

My question stands on the average time taken to perform maintenances in UiPath, which should make it easier due to its focus on building bots vs the average time to perform maintenances in other opensource platforms, such as pythonm, etc.

It should be interesting to understand the ROI, considering UiPath makes it easier to perform maintenances versus the yearly platform cost.

I thank you all in advance and hope to hear back from the community!


Maintenance costs are less about the platform/language and more about the developers who write the code. Well structured/written code means less maintenance. Poorly structured/written code requires more maintenance.

Indeed @Dave, although I´m trying to compare both in development best practices. An expert level dev in RPA platform would have more agility in maintenances compared to same level in Python?

Just to make sure we´re speaking the same language, I´m focusing my qyestion on maintenances over systems updates, element mapping, processes redisign, etc. I´m not refering to maintenances due to poor development.