Maintanence mode for Folders

Looking for a maintanence mode kind of feature which locks folder activities for all users except with specific role.

In this maintanence time we can do deployment configuration and many more without any interruptions or mis-steps by any business user or other users.

Kindly consider. @loginerror


Hi @Nithinkrishna

How would you see this being implemented? Could you share some examples of those missteps and interruptions?

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Hey @loginerror

Let’s say we have a deployment for a new CR or Production bug for example.

Few are aware of it and few are unaware of it.

So as a technical team, we will be taking control of the folder to either,

  1. Analyse the error reported
  2. Deploy a CR or an updated package for PROD bug

In this mean time, we don’t want any business user or other users to run a new job or add queue items which may lead to run the process with older buggie version of the automation resulting in errors.

We faced this few times by now. That’s the reason for the suggestion.

Hope this clarifies. Please let me know if more details required.


Makes sense, thank you for the full context.

I saved it for our Orchestrator team to consider :slight_smile:

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